Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Style inspiration of the moment: Pippi Longstocking

 I really enjoy those 60s-70s dravings of her, and Inger Nilsson as Peppi in that 70s tv show. Peppi is a great role model and those books really are funny. Of course there is racism and stuff, but I can almost accept that because the books are from 40s Sweden. I also like her style, those short dresses and suspenders with colorful stockings. And the mens shoes. I've been rocking that hairdo almost every day recently; just making two braids to my orange dreads and that's it...
I remember the day Astrid Lindgren died in 2002, I wrote a 'thank you' -letter for her and let the wind carry it.

There are some modern Pippis, too (I don't really like them):

I also really like Ronja. Actually as a child I loved that book way more than Pippis. She was such a an independent little girl, too.

"Whenever I'm alone with you, You make me feel like I am fun again"

Some pics of the young Debbie Harry. She used to be a playboy bunny and she also sang in some crappy folk bands. But I like her.

Tori Amos - The lovesong (The Cure cover)


: )

Style inspiration of the moment: Cherie Currie

Okay, actually I'm just inspired by this kind of 70s style alltogother. And I don't really like her current "rock-ish" kinda "Lita Ford in the 80s meets Alanis Morrisette " style. But come on, she was rather young and still rocked those shoes and that stage.