Sunday, October 31, 2010

Style Inspiration of the Moment: Toots DeVille

Susan "Toots" DeVille was the first wife of Willy DeVille. I don't have that much info of her, but I believe she died on heroin after breaking up with Willy. She was told to be very violent and moody, almost like a combination of Hell-Cat Maggie & Nancy Spungen & beatnik latino girls. Half Frenchwoman & half Indian, with her pierced nose, she was way ahead of her time.

They remind me of one certain couple...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"The reflection in the water shouted, 'Are your men still, Trying to salute, People from a time when he was, Everything he's supposed to be?' "

top -> bottom: Renato Zero, David Bowie, No fooling, Adam Ant t-shirt desing, Angie Bowie, A Clockwork orange, hands oa a male hysteric, Little Egypt, Lindsay Kemp, Pentti Saarikoski.

Elliott Smith - Everything means nothing to me